Last Updated On: 07/08/2017

Parents and Counsellors

By becoming a Soldier, your son or daughter or student can realize his or her potential and develop into a true leader. A leader with the discipline and strength to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Above all, Soldiers get things done. Protecting freedom. Building a better world. And building a brighter future for themselves by learning leadership skills and developing the kind of self-confidence and self-respect that comes from serving your country. Your son or daughter or student will gain valuable interpersonal skills like teamwork, time management, problem-solving skills and professionalism. He or she will be challenged to accept a new sense of discipline and responsibility.

Let us assure you that as a Parent or Teacher or Counsellor you will be proud of him/her.

We understand your concerns as a parent. For you, this section is designed to address your toughest questions and most pressing concerns. It delivers straight facts.


As a parent, you want your children to have choices about their future career path.

There are many ways your son or daughter will get important leadership experience and a fulfilling job as an officer in the Air Force. Keep in mind that while a flight career sounds appealing to many, the Air Force also offers extraordinary opportunities in technical, controlling, logistics, administration etc.

If your child wants to become a pilot after 10+2, he could join the National Defence Academy. The training at NDA will be for three years divided into six terms between which he’ll be back with you for the term breaks. After NDA he would be continuing his flying training at Air Force Academy for one more year.

After graduation, he could join the Air Force academy and get training in the Branch he/she chooses.

For details on career opportunities and training please visit the Home Page.

As a member of the Air Force, your son or daughter will have more opportunities than he/she ever thought possible! Your child will have access to more than just a wonderful career; his/her quality of life will be excellent due to our outstanding base amenities, accommodation facilities, travel opportunities and recreational activities.

Each Air Force base is a self-contained "minicity" created specifically for its citizens. With amenities like messes and institutes, health care, canteen and recreational facilities and shopping areas to relax by, your child will probably spend more time on base than originally thought. He would be staying in one of the safest and secure environment. Interested in paying your son or daughter a visit? You are more than welcome. As a parent, you would also be part of the Air Force family and can visit your child and even reside with him/her.

He/She will have an active social life, wherein his interactions with other Officers from varied cultures will broaden his outlook. His participation in various functions/parties and events will also hone his acting/ directing/event management skills.

You do not have to pay any amount for the training, instead even while training, your child will be paid a stipend for Rs 21,000/- during last one year of his/her training. After he/she gets commissioned as an officer, their starting pay will range from Rs 50,330/- to Rs 61,580/- depending upon his/her branch.

One of the best opportunities of joining the Air Force is the chance your son or daughter will have to travel and really take advantage of seeing new and exciting parts of the world! You would soon have a collection of speciality items from places all across India and even abroad.

Your child will have 60 days of annual leave and 20 days of casual leave with pay, which is far more vacation than most other jobs may offer! So, you will have him/her visiting you often.

Although the physically active lifestyle as an Armed Forces Officer takes care of your childs physical fitness and health, your child will be entitled to the best of medical facilities and hospitals. If you are dependent on him/her, the facility would also be extended to you. Your child will also be insured at a very nominal contribution.

We understand how hard it is to say goodbye to your son or daughter and send him/her off to parts unknown, but keep in mind that when he/she leaves home, he/she is being welcomed into a much larger family with support and understanding that are truly second to none.

Your child will grow as an individual and you will see a sea change in him after he gets commissioned. You will watch him taking on responsibilities and take decisions for you. He will not only be groomed to be an officer but also the perfect gentleman and lady.

Your child will also get opportunity to enhance his/her educational qualifications.

As a parent, when your son or daughter comes to you to discuss joining the Air Force, listen. They’re making a choice that requires a deep personal commitment that will give them the strength and focus to succeed in life. To become someone you’ll be proud of.

Your son or daughter will learn what it means to be a Soldier—a title of distinction. They’ll face new levels of responsibility, discipline and self-knowledge. But first, they’ll need you to stand by them.