Last Updated On: 12/04/2016

National Defence Academy

National Defence Academy (NDA), at Khadakwasla, is one of the most prestigious inter-services training establishments in India. Brilliant military leaders, astronauts and several recipients of gallantry and distinguished service awards have graduated from this institution. Click here to read more about the training at the Academy.

Nurturing heroes for more than 50 years, the National Defence Academy is one of the foremost training institutes in India. While the efforts of the students and staff have contributed to its stature, it is also the philosophy of the Academy that has kept the spirit of the institute alive year after year.

The training curriculum spread over three years at the Academy is largely divided into the following activities:

  • Physical Training
  • Service Subjects
  • Academics (you would get a graduate degree on completion of course)

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After successful completion of three year training at NDA , if cadets would go to Air Force Academy for Flying training of one year duration. On successful completion of traning, they get commissioned as  Permanent Commission Officers in Flying Branch.